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"Transitions": freddie jackson
By Craig chapman
“Transitions” is the name of the latest release
from veteran R&B/Soul singer Freddie
Jackson. His previous CD was a collection of
classic songs that received the velvet smooth
Jackson treatment. Freddie’s new CD makes
an excellent segue back to the contemporary
R&B genre.
Mr. Jackson has had a banner career, which has included many chart
topping love songs. Transitions” continues his tradition of albums
dominated by cool mid-tempo tunes and romantic slow jams. The title
track is one of those mid-tempo songs that will start your foot
tapping, head bopping, and before you know it you’ll be singing along
with the hook “sweet transitions…..’ as the music fades. “Heaven”,
“Hold On Me”, the funky overtones of “Superman”, and one of my
favs “Can’t Get My Flow” keep the feel good sound flowin’.

Freddie turns the mood romantic with a nice selection of slow songs.
There’s the dreamy “How Can I”, “More Than Friends”, “Tell Me About
It”, and “Stay And Talk To Me”.“Until The End Of Time” is a classic love
ballad that you’ll probably hear at the next wedding reception you
attend. “Transitions” comes to a close with Freddie’s emotional
tribute to Luther Vandross on “Superstar/Wind Beneath My Wings”.

But wait there’s more! “Transitions” has a special 2-disc edition. The
second disc is a DVD of 17 Freddie Jackson video hits. Talk about
value for your dollar…..

Be sure to add Freddie Jackson’s “Transitions” to your holiday wish list

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