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"Spread Love Like Wildfire"
Down To The Bone
If you’re looking for the funk and nothing
but the funk, then get ready for Down To
The Bone. Their new CD on Narada Jazz is
the pulsating “Spread Love Like Wildfire”.
It’s another classic performance by one of
the leaders of the jazz/groove scene.

Plenty of horns and keyboards as usual,
it’s the Down To The Bone party-starter formula. They continue to find
ways to infuse their music with rhythms from around the world. The
set kicks off with “Memphis Groove”, which incorporates elements
from the classic Stax sound. “Mystic Samba” gets you dancing as if
you were at a carnival overseas, footloose and fancy-free.

The group spices things up as they add lite vocals to the 60’s retro
sound of “Wildfire Woman”, before jumping into the full-fledged vocal
driven dance anthem “Angel Baby”.
Other highlights from the CD are “Gotta Get Back To You”,  “Latin
Sagebrush”, and “London Life”, which is the closest thing to mid-
tempo you’ll hear on this album.

Summer is here and it’s time to get loose. “Spread Love Like Wildfire”
gives up the funky party music, straight … no chaser! What else
would you expect from Down To The Bone!

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