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"Don't Be Afraid-Get on" - Cooley's Hot Box
by Craig Chapman
Warning! A real band, jamming funky
music being reviewed here! Let me take a
few moments to introduce you to Cooly’s
Hot Box, another emerging nu-soul band
playing funky R&B/dance music with jazz
influences. The principles of the group are
Angela Johnson and her partner John-
Christian Urich. They have a special
chemistry, sharing writing and producing
chores throughout their latest CD entitled “Don’t Be Afraid-Get On”.

Cooly’s tremendous energy is evident from the first note of track
number one, “Don’t Be Afraid” with Angela on vocals. “Touch My
Body” is a funky, hard driving jam that can start any party, while
“Time 2 Be In Love” keeps up the hot pace with Angela & John
playing off of each other vocally.

“After Life” is also a nice up-tempo track, starting the cool down
sequence. Now, it’s time for the mid-tempo groove featuring “Wait 4
You”, and the radio friendly “Are We Lovers”

I had to the opportunity to catch this band’s live performance a while
back, and was truly impressed with their presentation. In addition to
Cooly’s Hot Box, Angela has a solo project entitled “Angela Johnson”,
and John-Christian records with “Tortured Soul”. All these projects
are available from NY independent label Purpose Records.

“Don’t Be Afraid-Get On” because it’s time to have some musical fun
with Cooly’s Hot Box.

For more information about Angela, visit

Check out John and Tortured Soul at: