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Soulful Legends Find A Music Sanctuary
by Craig Chapman
Congratulations to the legendary
soul crooners The O’Jays on their
recent induction into the Rock &
Roll Hall of Fame. Obviously their
selection needs no justification,
because it is long overdue. Their
new CD “Imagination” reinforces
all the reasons why they have
been honored.

The O’Jays have been making hit
music since 1963, over 40 years.
While many groups have come
and gone, they continue to
produce their classic Philadelphia
sound for a loyal fan base.
“Imagination” is the trio’s best
effort in quite a few years. The
title track is a fun mid-tempo jam,
perfect for steppin’ the night
away. “Busy Tonight” has a
rhythm track that whisks us
away to a romantic interlude on
a Caribbean island, while “One
Good Woman” and “Make It
Back” have that patent-pending
O’Jay groove.

Nobody can tell a story like the
O’Jays. Who can forget their
relentless beggin’ on the slow
jams that had to inspire Keith
Sweat’s career.  They haven’t
lost their touch, as witnessed on
“I Would Rather Cry”, “Make Up”,
and “Why You Wanna Settle For
Less”. Add a smooth take on
“The Christmas Song”, and you
have a CD that you’ll play
throughout the holiday season
and beyond.

“Imagination”, the latest triumph
from the Mighty, Mighty, O’Jays!
Legendary diva Chaka Khan has
returned to the recording arena
with her latest CD, “ClassiKhan”.
Joining the ranks of many other
heritage performers, Ms Khan
has put together a collection of
jazz and popular standards,
accompanied by the London
Symphony Orchestra.

Unlike some of the other
performers, this project is a
natural progression for Chaka.
Her vocal style and range is
perfect for the task at hand. If
you ever heard Ms Khan’s jazz
renditions on the album “Echoes
Of An Era”, you have been
waiting patiently for
“ClassiKhan” since 1983.

You’ll be mesmerized and
transported to days gone by
during “The Best Is Yet To
Come”, “Stormy Weather”,
“Round Midnight” and Patsy
Cline’s “Crazy”. For all the movie
buffs there’s fateful renditions of
“To Sir With Love”, “Goldfinger”,
and “Diamonds Are For Ever”.
The CD closes with a Chaka
penned ballad “I Believe”, a
song of encouragement
dedicated to her daughter, son,
and grandchildren.

Chaka’s voice is strong, the
material is timeless; the result is

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Chaka Khan visit: