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"Gemini": Brian McKnight
by Craig Chapman
Yes indeed, he’s back! The suave
soulful crooner Brian McKnight
releases his long waited CD “Gemini”
to the public on February 8th. Expect
to hear the streets buzzing about
this one.

This is an album full of sweet R&B
that will definitely help boost sales
for the resurgent genre.

Brian wrote or co-wrote all the tracks on this project, and the result is
a versatile collection of songs. The first two singles, which have
received radio airplay around the country, “What We Do Here”, and
the current hit “Everytime You Go Away”, are classic McKnight
commercial hits. He has a knack for creating music that captures the
imagination of the general public.

On “Gemini”, about 1/4 of the music seems to have a late 70s, early
80s retro sound.   The Sound of Motown is prevalent on “Your Song”
which could have easily been sung by Stevie Wonder, along with the
Marvin Gaye-ish “Come Back”. When listening to “Everything I Do”,
comparisons to Prince, invade the mind.

As usual, Brian gives his music a dose of hip-hop on “She” featuring
Talib Kweli, and “Whatcha Gonna Do?” with support from Juvenile,
Akon, & Skip. “Stay” has a nice mid-tempo groove with a jazzy piano
riff down the stretch, and the CD wraps up with inspirational “Me &

“Gemini”, the brand new CD from Brian McKnight is a showcase for his
many musical personalities. It’s a party you don’t want to miss.

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