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Brenda Russell: "Between The Sun & THE MOON"
by Craig Chapman
Brenda Russell is one of those gifted
entertainers, with a highly successful career
that the masses aren't aware of. Ms. Russell
is the triple threat that many artists can
only dream about. Her skills, as a tunesmith
is undeniable. “Piano In The Dark”, “If Only
For One Night”, and the classic “Get Here”
are just a few of her compositions. Besides
being a self-taught musician,  Brenda
has a fine vocal instrument.

So why isn’t Brenda Russell a huge star? Perhaps, it’s by design. Her
music has an earthy R&Bish jazzy sound, which at times has a
pop/folk feel. Not always commercial, but definitely a pleasure to
listen to.

“Between The Sun And The Moon” is the title of Brenda’s latest CD,
scheduled to be available on October 5. This is an excellent collection
of songs, which should increase the public’s awareness of this
talented lady.  The title track features vocal assistance from Patti
Austin, that has an African feel, with a touch of latin. “Make You
Smile”, continues the international flavor with a south of the border
rhythm track.

“You Know Your Day Will Come”, “When You Comin’ Back To Me”, and
“Too Cool For The Room”, provide a mid-tempo groove, while “Let
Somebody Know”, and “I Know You By Heart”, are the soothing
ballads that Brenda is known for.

Coming soon, a voyage “Between The Sun And The Moon”, with your
hostess Brenda Russell. A journey, you don’t want to miss!

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