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"My Everything" by Anita Baker
by Craig Chapman
It’s been over 20 years since the release of
Anita Baker’s debut CD “Songstress”, and
almost 10 years since her last studio album
“Rhythm Of Love”. Until recently, Anita has
been spending her time raising and
enjoying the company of her family. One
must admire her ability to walk away from a
high profile career, to return to a somewhat
normal life.
We should have known something was up, when she came out of
retirement to do a limited engagement concert tour. Then came the
rumors that Anita was recording a new album. Next, was the
announcement that she had signed a recording deal with jazz label
Blue Note. September 7th was the release date for Anita Baker’s new
CD “My Everything”.

The first single “You’re My Everything” is currently being playing on
smooth jazz and Adult formatted radio stations around the world.  
Anita delivers her signature jazzy R&B style, straight with no chaser.
No gimmicks, just good music. “How Does It Feel” is her classic mid-
tempo groove, while “In My Head” continues the flow with more of a
jazzy flair.

Ms Baker can smooth it out with the best of them, as witnessed on “I
Can’t Sleep”, a nice ballad with a bluesy feel. “Like You Used To Do" is
a pretty duet featuring singer/songwriter Babyface. Perhaps the
prettiest song on the CD is “Men In My Life”, a tribute to her husband
and son, which elegantly articulates what’s really important in Anita’s

The wait is over. “My Everything” by Anita Baker is available now, and
not a moment too soon.