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"free": alex bugnon
by Craig Chapman
I have to admit to being a frustrated
musician. Always wanted to play an
instrument, and the piano has always been
my favorite. So I always get excited when I
hear that Alex Bugnon is coming out with
new music. He always has had a special
touch on the keys. “Free” is the title of the
just released CD by Alex Bugnon. Once
again, he delivers a groovy (can I still say
that) contemporary jazz set. His music has a way of getting your foot
tappin’ and head boppin’. A sound that puts a smile on your face,
especially after a long day at work or play.

“Fingertips”, “Carrvera”, “Downtime”, and “Out There” all have a
pulsating rhythm track, with just a touch a funk to drive the midtempo
groove. When it’s time to kick your shoes off and settle in, “In Your
Eyes”, “Pillow Talk”, and the title track “Free” are the just right for the
relaxation soundtrack.

“Free”, the new CD of smooth contemporary jazz from veteran
keyboardist Alex Bugnon. Discover New Music…

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