Washington D.C. based artist-producers Kuti Mack and Reg Jones may be music’s greatest multitaskers. When they’re not busy managing their record label and music production company, they’re building their roster of gifted artists, composing or producing songs, or playing gigs themselves. Not bad for two childhood friends who just wanted to write and produce songs for other artists.

On the way to pursuing their childhood dreams of being a successful writing/producing team like their idols Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jones and Mack formed their own group, and recorded two impressive records as the duo Zwei. Their debut, “The 2” came in 2002, and they followed it up with “2’sday” in 2003.

Zwei’s latest release, “2’sday Night,” contains a collection of songs from their earlier albums recorded live with their band, The Bros. and background singer-extraordinaire, Sol Edler. Some of the songs reprised for “2’sday Night” include “Wish I Wasn’t Bout,” a catchy sing along describing the frustration felt by quality men, “2 Times” a funked-out track about giving your best rap to a pretty lady, “Serenade,” a hopelessly romantic and completely irresistible groove, and “Withdrawal,” a lingering slow cut that compares lost love to fighting an addition.

In all, “2’sday Night” offers listeners ten of Zwei’s best compositions in a new and exciting way. And Jones and Mack’s artistic influences are apparent throughout the record: “2 Times” brings the funk of The Time, and “Won’t Play Your Game” and “Alone” sound very Prince-esque in their verses and chorus, respectively.

As Zwei, Jones and Mack found their musical niche first playing for devoted supporters in D.C. and more recently sharing their sound with enthusiastic crowds throughout the States and overseas. As songwriters and producers, they’re making good on what they originally set out to do: create outstanding music and develop exceptional artists. The first jewel released out of the BolaMarge treasure chest came earlier this year, in the form of a flawless debut from Sol Edler. If Edler’s impeccable debut, “Song of Solomon,” is any indication, we can expect a lot more great music from the BolaMarge camp, including trumpeter Kyle Funn’s forthcoming release, “Cool, Never Smooth.”

Jones and Mack spoke recently about their collective experience wearing various hats in the music business, their take on the current state of the industry, and their mission as artists and producers.


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