The Chapter

The Chapter is an R&B band based in Tallahassee, Florida, who met while attending Florida A&M University and performing as part of the Phat Cat Live, a soul music caberet show that included hundreds of singers, musicians, and poets. Out of the Phat Cat Live came the 2000 release “Make It Phat Baby” by the collective known as The Phat Cat Players. The Phat Cat Players disbanded shortly after, and six of its multitalented artists formed The Chapter.

The Chapter recently released their impressive debut, The Return of Real Soul Music, resulting in numerous rave reviews overseas and stateside. The record easily lives up to its lofty title and offers a vast array of music as the sextet flawlessly merges soul, jazz, gospel, and hip-hop to create a fresh, funky sound. With three talented singers--two male and one female, The Chapter is poised to become a favorite soul group in the tradition of much respected bands The Brand New Heavies and Incognito.

Lead vocalists Adrian Ace Morris, Patricia Whitfield, and Slater Thorpe spoke recently about their debut record, the benefits of being part of a group, and being independent artists.


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