Sol Edler

Every so often, a singer comes along with a sound that’s so fresh and engaging, you just have to stop and listen. Sol Edler is that type of singer. A rich-voiced baritone with a style reminiscent of veteran singers Will Downing and Keith Washington, Edler went from the church choir to night spots in Washington D.C., lending his voice to a number of local acts as a background singer. So impressed was singer-songwriter Eric Roberson with Edler’s ability, that for years, he was Roberson’s one-man background singer at various East coast shows.

Edler made the move from the background to front and center after hooking up with Reg Jones, one half of the duo Zwai and co-owner of the independent label, Bolamarge Entertainment. With Jones’ encouragement, Edler decided record his debut album on the Bolamarge label.

Edler’s debut, Song of Solomon was released recently and is a wonderful collection of songs that allow him to demonstrate his distinctive voice and insightful writing. The record contains a grip of soul classics to be sure, but there’s also a nod to Edler’s gospel roots, with songs like the a capella “Here Am I” and the keep your head up anthem, “Song for You.” Other standout tracks on the album include the mesmerizing, midtempo groove, “Remember Me,” the gorgeous ballad and first single, “Step Further,” the heartfelt, jazzy cut “Crush,” and the bluesy, belting, old-school ditty “Tonight.”

Edler spoke recently about how he came to love his unique voice, his debut record, and following in the footsteps of the veteran artists leading today’s indie soul movement.


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