Rahsaan Patterson

Since the release of his self-titled debut in 1997, singer Rahsaan Patterson has managed to attract legions of loyal fans around the world with his rousing, soulful voice, yet hasn’t yet found much mainstream success. Although many fans may enjoy following a huge talent who still manages to be somewhat underground, the rest of us are left scratching our heads as to why this vocal powerhouse with every marketable quality a record label would require on their “neo soul” artist roster is not selling millions of records. Great voice? Check. Great music? Check. Great live performer? Check. Whatever the reason, it seems only a matter of time before Patterson’s “under the radar” hype goes from small venues from Philly to London to the airwaves of every radio station with an R&B format.

Patterson’s third CD, “After Hours” may just be the vehicle to send him into the Urban AC stratosphere among both the 30 plus and minus crowds. And while much has been written about Patterson’s likeness to Stevie Wonder, Chaka Kahn, and other soul legends, there’s something completely modern about Patterson’s music. There’s nothing redundant or throw back about his music or his voice. With a sound that can only be described as pure soul, he’s got the type of voice you can feel in your chest.

“After Hours” is a funky, melodic collection of soul grooves. Patterson’s high-octave vocals and ability to express more emotion than most male R&B singers, prove that he’s back, and better than ever. The record’s first single, the Mike City-produced “Forever Yours,” is another one of Patterson’s intimate, mid-tempo masterpieces. Other highlights include the catchy, feel good “The One for Me, the funky, guitar-driven “I Always Find Myself,” and the flawless, uplifting “April’s Kiss.”
The collection of songs on “After Hours” is universally satisfying, as Patterson seamlessly moves from midtempo to uptempo to ballad lacing every track with his soaring, heartfelt vocals.

Patterson spoke recently about the pros and cons of being an independent artist, how he’s always marched to his own beat, and when he realized the power of his voice.


For more information about Rahsaan Patterson, visit http://www.rahsaan.com