Lalah Hathaway

Being the child of a legendary singer and choosing the same profession can be difficult. For Lalah Hathaway, the daughter of legendary singer Donny Hathaway, who’s listed as a musical influence by famous artists in every music genre, it would seem both an enormous blessing and a burden to exist in the shadow of such an icon. But somehow, Hathaway handles the weight of her lineage with grace and integrity. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s undeniably talented in her own right.

Last year, Hathaway released her third record, “Outrun the Sky,” which marked the welcome return of this exceptional singer, who’s fans have been waiting 10 years for a new release. If her large, active website community of about 500 enthusiasts is any indication, her audience hasn’t diminished in the least between albums. Instead, they’ve eagerly scooped up any recording featuring a single note from Hathaway. In the years since her last record, she’s been featured on a number of notable recordings from other artists, including Grover Washington, Wayman Tisdale, Marcus Miller, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Joe Sample.

Outrun the Sky displays Hathaway’s jazzy, hearty voice perfectly, as she can do a torch singer ballad as well as she does an uptempo R&B groove. Evidence of this can be found on the album’s first two singles, the Luther Vandross tribute, “Forever, For Always, For Love, which is arguably better than the original, and the crazy in love, upbeat track “Better and Better.”

While on record Hathaway sounds absolutely flawless, her live performances are an even greater representation of her voice and spirit. On stage, Hathaway is luminous. Her voice is impeccable live, and watching her sing is like receiving a giant shot of oxygen. Just ask her online supporters, who repeatedly come out to see her shows all over the globe, some traveling great distances to experience a singer they regard with the same iconic eminence as her father.

She spoke recently about being the daughter of a music legend, her plans to honor her father musically, and the special place on the Internet known as the pink room.


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