Conya Doss

Cleveland-based singer Conya Doss should be quitting her day job very soon. The special education teacher by day and singer by night has pipes for days and a vocal style that’s refreshingly different from the current batch of budding soul singers on the music scene. When Doss sings, rich, smooth sounds fill the air and wafts of smoky soul linger after she leaves the stage. With a vocal style that’s equal parts raw emotion and sassy attitude, Doss’ voice can effortlessly express a range of emotions, and strike a nerve in your heart.

Her 2002 debut, “A Poem About Miss Doss” started the buzz in the States and overseas about this talented singer, who co-wrote and co-produced the record. Doss’ follow-up release, “Just Because” came late last year and shows a more confident artist who’s found her own voice and is charting her own artistic path. “Just Because” contains all the elements of a great soul record: stirring, yet soothing vocals, memorable grooves, and lyrics that tell of love’s highs and lows. The record is loaded with lush soul sounds and solid songwriting. Highlights include the hip-swaying, lovestruck title track, the till the wheels fall off anthem, “Damn That,” and the healing, heartache no more tune, “Missing You.”

With an increasing amount of live shows in the US and abroad, Doss is sharing her tremendous voice and energy with the world, and quickly carving out her niche among today’s prominent soul singers.

She spoke recently about her latest record, the music scene in Cleveland, and what’s in her CD changer.


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