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"Love NOtes": Ty Causey
by Craig Chapman
“Love Notes” is the title of the sophomore
release from soulful crooner Ty Causey.
Ty is one of the emerging artists from the
surging independent soul scene in many parts
of the country.

“N-Tysing” was Ty’s debut CD, which was a
soulful smooth jazz oriented project, with  
plenty of vocals, along with support from special guests Najee and
Nelson Braxton. On “Love Notes”, the sound shifts to a R&B base
with subtle jazz influences. His sound reminds one of an energetic
Gary Taylor.

The focus is definitely on “love”. Something the world needs more of.
“Life On Track”, “I Miss You”, “Vision Of Love”, and “Fallin For You”
have just the right lyrics, along with a sensual mid-tempo groove that’
s just right for romancing. Take an elegant spin around the dancefloor
to the melodic rhythms of “Step Out Tonight”, before things get
serious when “Settle Down”, “Keep On Lovin’ Me”, and “Love’s
Messin’ With Me” create that special atmosphere to round out your

When it’s time for romance, slip Ty Causey’s “Love Notes” into the
player, and let the rhythmflow!

To hear samples of Love Notes by Ty  Causey..
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