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In The Spotlight: Music You Should Know About
by Craig Chapman/Editor
Welcome to “In The Spotlight”, our place to shine the light on deserving
albums and artists. This month we’re thrilled to present three CDs, that
were recently released, that are excellent listens. Rashaan Patterson,
Eric Roberson, and Monet have unleashed a mixture of progressive R&B
and neo-soul that should not be ignored.
Rahsaan has been on the R&B scene for a
minute. He released two previous albums in the
states that lacked commercial success, but drew
critical acclaim. His new album is entitled “After
Hours” on Dome Records, out of the UK. Known
to many as an exceptional songwriter, Rahsaan
penned all but one of the songs on this project.
His progressive vocal style borrows a bit from
Raphael Saadiq and his purple highness, Prince,
will his musical rhythms fuse today’s phat beats
with the funk of the 70’s.
“After Hours” contains funky hot dance tracks “So Hot” and “Burnin”
which was co-written by Van Hunt (
review), which might be my favorite
jam so far in 2004. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”, “April’s Kiss”, “The One For Me”,
“Separate” and “You Make Life So Good”, represent different
approaches to the head-boppin’ mid-tempo grooves comprise the
majority of the CD. Rahsaan displays his reflective and sensitive side on
“Don’t Run So Fast” and “The Best”.

“After Hours”, morning, afternoon, whenever…… The time is always right
for this CD from Rahsaan

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Eric Roberson "The Vault 1.5"
Eric Roberson is a star in waiting. His silky
smooth soulful voice is a pleasure to listen to.
His lyrics and music are perfect example of today’
s underground R&B scene, which is slowly
creeping into the mainstream. “The Vault-1.5” is
a reworking of his “Vault Vol. 1”. ”. A few new
songs, some remixing, and the result is a solid
If you’re a fan of Anthony Hamilton, or Marvin Gaye and emotional soul
sangin' in general, this is the album for you.

Eric must have put a bit of thought into the sequencing of the songs on
the CD, because “The Vault” has a captivating flow. Before you know it
the CD is finished, but you were just getting started, so you reach for
the repeat button.

My favorite tracks include; “Couldn’t Hear Me”, “Right Back To You”, “Past
Paradise”, and “Change For Me”.

Eric Roberson Presents “The Vault 1.5”…. Open the door, it’s time for
everyone to hear these gems.  Visit for
music samples, photos and more.
Monet  "Essence"
Monet is the name of this young lady with flute in
hand. I first heard her song “Spirit” on the Soul
Lounge Vol. 1 compilation. It’s a smooth
danceable instrumental reminiscence of Bobbi
Humphrey. Intrigued by this brief introduction,
the search was on. After some intense net-
surfing, I finally find “Essence”, Monet’s debut on
Purpose records.
Not sure what this project would sound like (that’s part of the fun), I
was pleasantly surprised. “Essence” is a relaxing and spiritually positive
album. Ms. Monet has a refreshing voice that is the perfect instrument
for her lyrics (she composed all the songs). The smooth rhythm tracks
incorporating the sounds of her flute, makes this CD stand out.
“Essence”, “U Told Me”, and “Divided Dreams” are nice tracks for a
sunny day. “Bahia Blues”, and “Vibacious” are smooth instrument tracks
worthy of airplay somewhere. “Play On” is a hot dance track, and let us
not overlook the gentle ballads “Near You” and “Wanna Kiss You”.

Introducing Monet’s musical “Essence”, recommended listening for all.