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by Craig Chapman
Time to get your Praise & Worship on! Kirk
Franklin has released his latest epic, “Hero”
As always, Kirk delivers an uplifting CD that
touches the hearts of all listeners. All you
have to do is have a little faith.

“Hero” blends the old with the new. Kirk
and his friends band together to deliver
their  inspirational messages. J. Moss &
Tye Tribbett lead the praise on “Could’ve Been”. “Hero” features
Dorinda Clark-Cole, Yolanda Adams’ angelic voice can be heard on
“Afterwhile”, and the 8th wonder of the universe, Stevie Wonder
joins Kirk and the family on “Why”.

Kirk’s success is due in part to his ability to embed his message in
contemporary rhythms, which makes his music more accessible to the
masses aka crossover-bility. On “Hero” this is done with some
interesting samples of old school favorites. “Looking For You” kicks off
the album utilizing Patrice Rushen’s “Haven’t You Heard”. “Let It Go”
has Tears for Fears’ “Shout” providing the rhythmic backdrop with an
approach reminisant of 2Pac, while radio friendly “Keep Your Head”
moves to the beat of EW&F’s “Head To The Sky”.

Regardless of your musical orientation, “Hero” by Kirk Franklin is a CD
for your collection. There’s definitely a message in the music!