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"Conscious" - Julie Dexter
by Craig Chapman
Now that it seems like the pendulum is
swinging away from the Hip-Hop era and
back towards the artistry of rhythm &
blues/soul music, Julie Dexter is primed to
emerge as one of the premiere talents on
today’s music scene.

Ms Dexter is a classically trained artist
that was born and raised in Birmingham,
England. Currently based in Atlanta GA,
Julie has recently released the CD “Conscious”, on her Ketch-A-Vibe
imprint, which serves as the ultimate showcase for her silky vocal
styling, poetic lyrical prose, and skills as a producer.

Many artists try, but few can deliver a fluid performance of their inner
thoughts, spirit, and personally. Julie is one of the chosen few. When
one listens to “Conscious”, you immediately connect with the earthy
rhythms that provide the perfect backdrop for Ms Dexter’s stories of
life. It’s jazzy, with R&B sensibilities, infused with world beats to
create a sound that defies classification. Genre: Good Music.

“Choices” is the perfect lead song for this album promoting the reality
that life is a series of choices that we must make and should never
regret. The overall theme of this CD is to get the listener to review
the different aspects of life, as we know it, and to explore our dreams
and aspirations. “Look Who’s Got Your Back” advances the theory
that no matter what you think, there’s someone out there that loves
and will support you. “Rhythm Daughter” describes how music
energizes one’s spirit.

Other highlights of Ms Dexter’s CD is the title track “Conscious”,
“Small World”, and “I See Colors”.

For music with a message, it’s time for “Conscious”, inspirational
music from Julie Dexter.

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