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"SOULidified": Hil St Soul
by Craig chapman
More great soul music has landed stateside
from the UK. “SOULidified” is the second
domestic release from Hil St Soul. Arriving with
a strong buzz from the soul music tastemakers
from around the country, this CD definitely
lives up to the hype.

Hilary Mwelwa is the voice of Hil St Soul. She
has tremendous range, along with an uncanny ability to change her
vocal approach, adapting seamlessly to various musical styles. Hillary
delivers an outstanding, vocal performance on “SOULidified”. Having
written most of the songs on the album, she emotionally, yet
confidently breathes life into her lyrics. You get the impression that
she’s a bona fide songstress that would make any song her own.

Ballads, Hip-Hop jams, and smooth grooves all are represented on
this project. “Can We Spend Some Time Together”, “Sweet On You”,
and radio friendly “Hey Boy” all have that Springtime mid tempo vibe.
For those of us that need a little Hip-Hop in the R&B,  “Better Days”,
and “Smokey Joints” have the beats that you desire.

“SOULidified” strength lies in the ballads, where Hillary seems to
excel. “Can We Talk“ “Good-Bye”, “One Of A Kind”, “Baby Come Over”
featuring Dwele, and “Time For Love” reveal tales of the various
stages of love.

It looks like 2006 is going to be a big year for R&B/Soul music, and it
seems that Hil St Soul has “SOULidified” their position early on.

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