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"Driving Force" by 3rd Force
by Craig Chapman
The contemporary jazz collective known as 3rd Force has returned to
the music scene with a vengeance with their latest CD project entitled
“Driving Force”. This time around, the group receives exceptional
support from featured artists Marc Antoine, Eric Darius, Brian Hughes,
and veteran instrumentalist Tom Scott.
The title “Driving Force” is quite appropriate for this project, as it’s
tempo and rhythms provide the perfect ambiance for a highway cruise
or brisk walk. In fact, the first time I listened to this CD, I was headed
down I-95 south in morning drive. I knew 3rd Force was on the
money, because I arrived at my destination safe, relaxed and focused.

“Believe In Me” provides the funky yet smooth uptempo groove to
kick off this journey. Caution; be sure to set your cruise control before
you go any further because “Ask Me Why”, and “You Got It” keep
things moving with slight tempo and rhythm changes, with a
saxophone lead on the former, and a classic Marc Antoine guitar lead
on the latter.

Fans of the group Down To The Bone will embrace, “An Open Heart”,
while followers of the chill scene will adopt the closing track “Inside”.
We also recommend the world beat influenced “Real Thing” to all.

3rd Force is the “Driving Force” when it comes to music that makes
you feel good all over. Take a musical ride today!

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